Arthur Chayka

Graphic designer and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Arthur, graphic designer and illustrator from Ukraine currently surviving the extreme weather conditions in Toronto, Canada.

My works are primarily inspired by new and old world culture, from rustic and vintage lettering to clean and minimalistic UX/UI design. With sharp attention to detail and emphasis on perfection, I create a personalized visual narrative and develop exciting design solutions for a range of products and services.


Breaking News

A news delivery application which was created as a personal project, intended to learn the basics of motion and prototyping with FramerJS. You`re welcome to play around with the prototype on the left: grab your paper and check Sections and Settings screens.


Goodbye Horses

In the summer of 2012, five friends departed from New York in a van travel across the United States from East to West and made a really good movie about it. 

The colorful adventures inspired me to redesign their website and portray it in a way that represented my impression on the film.



The Type Fight

With inspiration ranging from traditional sailor aesthetics to old Moby Dick stories,  I creatively illustrated the letter E for competition during



T-shirt print for the Syndicate contest with the topic "Surfing". Syndicate — clothing brand based in Kiev, Ukraine.


Koktebel Jazz

In my unoficial poster for 11th Koktebel Jazz Festival. I tried to show the woodstock-like spirit of the festival and unique atmosphere of the place on the shore of the Black Sea in Crimea. 



I'm always ready for new and exciting projects so if you're interested in working together, have any questions, or just want to say "Hi" — fill the form below or just send me an email to and I'll try to answer asap.

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